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Thursday, September 27, 2018
By Olivia Grey Pritchard Photography
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Here at our studio, our job is to make you and your little ones feel as comfortable as we can. When people look at our photos, we always get the question, "How do you get babies to do that?" It's no secret, we use Dr. Harvey Karp's The Happiest Baby on the Block's 5 S's to Soothe a Crying Baby! (Find the book here.) The goal is to make life as close to the womb as possible for baby. We follow these techniques during our sessions and they are fantastic for parents to know for soothing baby at home! 

S No. 1: Swaddle

We find most babies adore being swaddled up very tightly because it reminds them of being warm and cozy inside the womb. This post shows you a few options and also some of the extras you should know about swaddling your baby!

S No. 2: Side Lying or Stomach

While not for sleeping, side lying or stomach is a great way to soothe your baby. You can hold them this way in your arms and watch your baby relax. We find many babies relax while they are in this position for a brief moment during their photoshoots.

S No. 3: Shush

In the womb, babies are used to the loud noises of blood rushing through mom's body, so that's why they respond to a good white noise (think about how some babies respond to the loud noise of a vacuum). Here at the studio, we use our Baby Shusher that mimics a person saying "shhh" over and over again. We also will shush into their ear while we are comforting them. A white noise machine is great for your nursery or get the Baby Shusher we use here.


S No. 4: Swing 

A small swinging or swaying motion replicates all the motion the baby remembers from the womb, so it makes such a difference while you're trying to soothe them. A gentle, very small bounce up and down or a short sway from side to side while holding them usually does the trick!

S No. 5: Suck

Pacifiers can work wonders! Also, a quick finger works great if you don't have a pacifier on hand. These tricks are great when baby doesn't need to eat, but the sensation of sucking will help calm them down!


All of these techniques are so helpful in making baby feel safe and comfy. We hope that this quick read will help you in upset moments with your newest addition and lead to smiles for you both :) 

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