family time is the best time! {new orleans children's photographer}
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Friday, January 06, 2017
By Olivia Grey Pritchard Photography
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We had an absolute BLAST with this family! Little Caleb kept cracking us up the whole session with his antics, as did his dad Cameron! We can easily see what a great mom Nikki is. She takes her boys in stride and keeps everyone in order, and sweet little Noel just goes with the flow! Caleb is so sweet to his baby sister, even giving her a few kisses on her forehead. Caleb wasn't the biggest fan of being barefoot in the grass, but making Daddy carry him and sitting in his lap solved that problem! Noel is such a calm baby--she didn't care a bit being passed around from person to person! She watched her big brother play for about the first half hour of the session, and then she fell fast asleep while Caleb kept exploring. We all had so much fun! Both of these kiddos are already stunners with their gorgeous hair, eyes, and lips. We know they will steal many hearts--they already stole ours! 

behind the scenes at c&n's family session

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